Computer-based Cognitive Rehabilitation

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What is RehaCom

RehaCom is a comprehensive and sophisticated system of software for computerassisted cognitive rehabilitation. This practical tool assists the therapist in the rehabilitation of cognitive disorders that affect specific aspects of attention, concentration, memory, perception, activities of daily living and much more. Watch our Introduction Video »

RehaCom cognitive therapy with special keyboard
RehaCom training module "Attention and Concentration"

Attention & Concentration

RehaCom training module "Alertness Training"

Alertness Training

RehaCom training module "Working Memory"

Working Memory

By solving tasks, brain processes will be activated and important brain functions will be improved or restored. Successful training means that the user will be better able to cope with the challenges of everyday life. RehaCom can be used even at a very acute stage of injury - and remains relevant through all stages of recovery. Training modules can easily be selected based on a cognitive assessment or by using the growing number of Screening Modules.

Training in mother tongue

The software has over 20 modules in the English language and is also available in 21 other native languages, so patient’s can work in their mother tongue. The software is auto-adaptive so the difficulty level will rise and fall depending on the performance of the patient.

After a period of therapy inside a facility, the patient can also be supervised at home, over the internet, by using RehaCom’s remote supervised training option.

You can find out more about how It works here »