Computer-based Cognitive Rehabilitation

Product Options

Depending on the country you are based there may be a number of different package configurations available to you. It is usually best to contact us to be put in touch with your local distributor. The main thing to consider when you want to use RehaCom is whether you wish to use it Online to remotely supervise your clients. The main differences are:

Non-Internet Licenses

• Usually stored on a panel or dongle
• Fixed term unlimited use
• Unlimited therapists and clients
• No remote training ability

Internet Licenses

• Activated by code over the server
• Available on a Pay-As-You-Go basis
• Unlimited therapists and clients
• Full remote training and supervision ability

We also have complementary products for use with the RehaCom system:

A special custom panel or type of keyboard to allow clients with severe motor impairments to use the software and interact with the computer.

Intended for visual field related training. This product allows the client to stay in a comfortable and reproducible position in front of the monitor, therefore maintaining the same viewpoint throughout the training session.