Computer-based Cognitive Rehabilitation

RehaCare 2019: HASOMED presents RehaCom & RehaIngest


New approaches for dysphagia treatment and cognitive therapy in Düsseldorf

RehaCare in Düsseldorf is the most important trade fair for rehabilitation, inclusion and care. HASOMED GmbH will be there again this year. We will be showing how the RehaIngest swallow measuring system can be used in dysphagia therapy, how it supports the work of speech therapists, doctors and occupational therapists and how it can create new treatment successes for affected patients.

The effectiveness of RehaCom has been proven in more than 50 studies. The therapy system for neurological rehabilitation supports various modules that enable deficit-specific and targeted training in all phases of rehabilitation - applicable in attention, memory and visual field training, among others.

HASOMED offers during RehaCare 2019:

  • RehaCom lecture Screening & training of cognitive services with RehaCom
    at forum "PRODUCTS & NEWS @RehaCare" (18.09.2019, 13 - 13.30 o'clock, booth H21/Hall 4)
  • RehaIngest lecture Swallowing therapy in a different way: device-supported dysphagia treatment
    at forum "PRODUCTS & NEWS @RehaCare" (19.09.2019, 12 - 12.30 o'clock, booth H21/Hall 4)

  • HASOMED exhibitor presentation: advice, information, appointments and more
    booth G41, Hall 4

RehaCare 2019:

18 - 21 September 2019
Fair Düsseldorf

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