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Meet HASOMED at the Medica!

Come and visit us at our booth and inform yourself about:

- reliable swallowing detection with RehaIngest
- therapy of...

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The World Congress of Psychiatry takes places from 8th October until 12th October in Berlin, Germany. It will consider all relevant mental disorders...

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17th July, 1:45 -3:15pm
“Case studies in Neurorehabilitation using Functional Electrical Stimulation”
The Clinical Director of Prime Physio Therapy...

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We hereby announce the appointment of Mr. Lai Bou Leong as our Asia Pacific Manager. Mr. Lai Bou Leong is situated in Singapore, and is concurrently...

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Are you interested in purchasing RehaCom or getting a free trial?
Check new RehaCom – Websites and learn more about our Software for Cognitive...

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Successful execution of intentions, but also the failure to recall are common phenomena in everyday life. The planning, retention, and realization of...

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Despite the effectiveness of pharmacological treatment, residual hallucinations do not completely resolve in some medicated patients. The aim of a Reh...

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Meet HASOMED at the Medica!
Come and visit us at our booth and inform yourself about:
- therapy of the upper extremities with RehaDigit
- movement...

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HASOMED starts with its own FES Cycling team at the 1st CYBATHLON on the 8th of October 2016 in Zurich. The preparations have been carried out for 2...

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Please visit us at our booth F46 for an informative introduction of:

- cognitive rehabilitation
- movement training with functional electrical...

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